Eradicating the challenges of treating clients with cancer and other limiting conditions in UK Spa's & Salons

Our focus

Because it is not acceptable to exclude or discriminate against anyone!
Eradicate the Myths

There is so much confusion, so much misunderstanding and a lot of fear surrounding treating people with Cancer and other limiting conditions. Our goal is to clearly and succinctly eradicate those myths for you.

Educate & Empower

We work hard to create a range of learning resources and deliver practical workshops that enable you to know and do more. Our aim is to educate and empower you to welcome and treat every client comfortably and confidently.


Above all else our business is about ‘people’, and here at tpot we believe everyone has something special to bring to the table. Reach out, connect and collaborate to be part of the change. #ShineYourLight

About Us

With overwhelming evidence that how it is - is not right; not relevant for the needs of today and far from inclusive!
Working together to shine a light on the #TrueBeauty of our industry

With the latest UK statistics indicating that at least 1 in 3 people will at some point in their life's develop a form of Cancer - the time has never been more right, or more relevant, to change the way we welcome those with Cancer in Wellness. As a result of the research carried out by Spa Business School in early 2014 it became evident that exposing the reality of where we are as an industry was not enough, we had to do more!. With overwhelming support across the health and wellness sector, tpot (an acronym for: the power of touch) was born. Focused on educating and empowering therapists, whether newly qualifying or veterans, tpots goal is to ensure everyone has access to learning resources and practical workshops that enable them to understand what is pratical, possible and beneficial when treating clients with cancer and other limiting health conditions. Working together we can ensure no client need ever be turned away from a UK Spa, salon, club or clinic in the future. Be part of the change!

  • The Research

    Conducted by Michelle Hammond & Kathryn D-Blay

  • The Vision

    To ensure no-one with cancer is turned away from a UK spa or salon by the end of 2018.

  • The Catalyst

    Uncovering over 97% of UK spas and salons were turning people with cancer away

  • The Momentum

    #Collaboration has enabled us to move forward at scale and pace and embrace more

Our Collaborators #ShiningTheirLight

A dedicated team of professional individuals and orgnaisations coming together to make a real difference
Michelle Hammond
Founder & Director & tpot
Dr Maxine Stead
Founder & MD Alexandra House Spa Huddersfield. BOARD MEMBER
Beata Alexsandrowicz
Founder & Director of Training Pure Massage. BOARD MEMBER
Dr Peter Mackereth
Clinical Lead Complementary Health & Wellbeing Services, Christie’s NHS Trust. BOARD MEMBER
Abi Wright
Co-founder & Director, BOARD MEMBER
Rochelle Saneria
Curriculum & Quality Director, LCBT. BOARD MEMBER
Francesca Manzi
VTCT Regional Business Development Manager. BOARD MEMBER
Steph Crosby
Red Spas Development Manager
Christianne Cavalier
Chairman, LCBT
Neil Browne
Senior Complementary Therapist, Barts Health NHS Trust
Tina Herridge
Therapy & Training Manager Careys Manor Hotel & Senspa. BOARD MEMBER
Sue Davis
Resident Naturopath
Gloria Halim
Author & Health Coach, Rock On Divas
Kathryn Dowthwaite-Blay
tpot Educator
Robin Daly
Founder, Yes To Life Charity

Why it matters

Insights and first hand experiences from those that have faced rejection. It is time to make it personal!

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