What the experts say…

Dr Fiona Thistlethwaite

“As a Consultant Oncologist I have often heard from my patients how receiving complementary therapies alongside their chemotherapy has helped them to cope with their situation. In May 2013 the unthinkable happened to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like many of my patients before me I benefitted greatly from regular massage therapy throughout the course of my chemotherapy treatment and beyond, particularly during the time when I was making my return to work. I found massage relaxed my tense muscles and gave me some quiet time to switch off from the stressful experience I was going through. Now that I am fully back up and running at work I encourage my patients to take up the offer of complementary therapies such as massage therapy. My personal experience has given me insight into the positive role they can play during a cancer patient’s journey”.

Dr Fiona Thistlethwaite, Medical Oncology Consultant, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Robin Daly

“A diagnosis of cancer is generally one of the hardest things a person has to face in their lifetime. It currently has the power to completely destroy any safety net of ‘normality’, leaving a person drifting helplessly in a violent sea of uncertainty and fear. Add to this the enormous challenges inherent in many cancer treatments and the physical, emotional and mental barrage they can entail, and you have a person in desperate need of care at the simplest and most human level. Complementary touch therapies are one of the most immediate and effective resources we have to meet this need and should be routinely available to everyone affected by cancer, including carers and families.”

Robin Daly, Founder of Yes To Life Charity