Training Testimonials

Bare with us just a little longer as we continue to gather and upload all our feedback to date and load it up here for you to see.

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“I feel i have learnt some valid points on how to improve communication when talking to someone going through cancer. Both Michelle & Steph are very knowledgeable and prvide examples to show how to adapt treatments to clients. I feel re-assured and feel that i have the confidence to talk and explain cancer and how this does not spread through the body via massage” – Tine Herrridge, SenSpa

“Very informative and useful” – Sean, SenSpa

“Great training, explaining a lot about cancer, helping to understand what it is and opened my eyes to understand how to treat and deal with the guests. I have benefited so much from this session, thank you” – Justine, SenSpa

“I have learnt more in the training today than i have ever learnt about treating clientds with cancer, and i have tried to do my own research which has been confusing. I felt that the trainers were very knowledgeable and have changed my thinking about future treatments on clients. Thank You”. – Paula, Oceo Spa

“I have really enjoyed my training today and i feel as though i have much more knowledge of what to do when a client comes to the spa with cancer. I feel that because of this i have much more confidence in treating these clients and i look forward to helping make them feel good about themlseves and being able to make them feel better during this difficult stage in their lives. Thank you so much, i ahve had a thoroughly enjoyable day!” – Lucie Evemy

“I found this training very useful. Both trainers were very knowledgeable with great examples. It gave me alot of confidence to now treat a cancer patient and not worry. Also the finer points for example every cancer / treatment is different for each person. Very good training session, really enjoyed it” – Amy Goodman

“I have more confidence to do the massage for people that have cancer” – Eleanor Pitch

“Thank you for the training. I feel you have given me knowledge that i didn’t know especially regarding lymphoedema and massaging people with lymph nodes removed. Helpful tips with proping clients etc for comfort” – Steph

“I understand cancer better, and know how to treat someone with cancer in the right way” – Heather Miles

“I have learnt new knowledge. I feel more confident to do the massage with clients who got cancer” – Jaruan Buryen

“Everything was amazing! Thank you. I felt i learnt much more than expected”

‘The prcatical session was amazing and really gave me the confidence to now treat my clients that have or have had cancer:”

“The insight in to all the side effects of cancer was really useful”

“Understanding all the ways i can adapt my massage has stopped me being so frightened to treat”

“I loved the hand washign exercise”

“I found the course really interesting and it will be useful to empower me to have the confidence with cancer clients”

“I just loved EVERYTHING”

“I had no idea of all the studies on benefits of massage for people with cancer”

“Michelle is so passionate and a really great ambassador. The delivery of her training was at the right pace, but also visual so it kept it engaging”

“The course assured me that the massage isn’t bad for people with cancer”

“The course was really valuable and particularly interesting was the insight into what cancer is, some of the statistics on cancer and the industry’s attitude towards it and the practical work”