The SLOW Massage Movement


After 25 years in the industry and years focused in on the real health conditons that impact us as we age, Michelle – the founder of tpot, decided that it was time to take a leaf out of the slow food movements book and bring that same thinking to massage.

The Power of Touch, is widely documented and evidenced – yet over the last few decades main stream massages have seemingly got deeper, faster and often fancier….yet tension, stress, anxiety and disconnection have got far greater.

Michelle believes by encouraging more therapists to massage SLOW they take the time to really ‘feel’ the clients body, gently manipulating the soft tissue and muscles whilst also soothing and settling fragile nerves.

Infact, slow, long and therapeutic touch combined with repetiton can have truly profound affects and may be much more powerful to our mental and emotional wellbeing than we ever first realised. Let alone a much more sustainable way for our therapists to practise and the protection of their own wellbeing.

We’re going to be sharing much more science, ideas, insights and inspiration behind our SLOW Massage Movement over the coming weeks and months, as well a range of learning and development resources. To stay connected and be the first to know about all things tpot subscribe to our e-news at:

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