#SaturdaySpotlight: The Scarlet & Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

We asked the beautiful Stephanie Crosby, Spa Consultant at the Scarlet & Bedruthan to #Shineherlight on their journey of welcoming clients with #cancer to date:


“Back in 2009 when we opened the Scarlet Spa, we were soon approached by people either with cancer or in remission wanting to receive some relaxing treatments. Being set up as a holistic spa, recruiting only holistic therapists, we soon agreed we wanted to overcome the barrier that our initial training had provided by telling us it’s a contraindication, mainly because we wanted to help people with #the-power-of-touch, feeling passionately that even a gentle hold or light touch would support them.

I was blessed with a doctor approaching me, who sadly had terminal cancer, who wanted to have a treatment. He kindly sat with me for hours and explained how it can’t do any damage and what the main cancer treatments are that people coming to us may have. This supported us to get some extra training from the local hospice and soon we were comfortable to start treating guests with cancer. We knew there was no risk in light touch, it was already being delivered in hospices and fundamentally we were drawn to support these people and really believed our environment and our touch could in so many ways.

From this time onwards we were welcoming more and more cancer patients, empowering the team to feel comfortable and guests were feeding back how much they appreciated their time with us.

Having recently updated our knowledge using tpot’s therapeutic touch training, the team are feeling even more empowered, confident and comfortable. We believe in always learning and adapting our knowledge so we’re very grateful for tpots fresh approach.”

#BeTheDifference #ShineYourLight #TrueBeauty

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