#SaturdaySpotlight: Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

Lifehouse is a contemporary, award-winning Spa Hotel nestled in the peaceful surroundings of English Heritage Listed Thorpe Hall Gardens, just over an hour from London by train and close to the pretty Essex coastal town of Frinton-on-Sea. Lifehouse were one of the first spa hotels in the UK to not only welcome clients with cancer[…]

Working alongside the NHS – I wasn’t expecting that…

Taken from an article written for LinkedIn Pulse with permission to share from Jennifer Young My first major involvement with the NHS was when my middle daughter was in utero. My first daughter was delivered by section and I wanted a home birth next time around. I did the research, I knew the concerns and I went into[…]

Many cancer patients are being denied opportunities to experience this beneficial intervention…

The benefits of massage for cancer patients are well known to many healthcare professionals and their patients. For many years cancer care providers, including the NHS, have offered complementary therapy, such as massage, to patients as part of their supportive care programmes. Articles about the safety of massage for cancer patients have been published (Corbin,[…]

Calling all Trainers!

Train the Trainer. TPOT’s ‘Give Back’ programme Are you a leading Spa Director, Spa Manager or experienced industry Trainer? Would you like to ‘give back’ and help bring the #TrueBeauty of our industry to life? Tpot are looking for exceptional individuals that would like to volunteer to attend our collaboratively crafted ‘train the trainer’ programme[…]

The Next Round-Table

The second round table in the development of T.P.O.T – an educational non for profit focused on ‘eradicating the challenges of treating clients with Cancer in UK Spa’s, Salons, Clubs and Clinics’ is to be held on June 2nd at 10am in London Marylebone. If you would like to join the team and feel you have[…]

Spa Life Academy RESEARCH

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide with more than one in three people in the UK alone developing some form of cancer during their lifetime. Despite the prevalence of the disease, the spa sector has been reluctant to treat consumers with cancer. Research conducted on behalf of the Spa Life Academy found that[…]