Calling all Trainers!

Train the Trainer. TPOT’s ‘Give Back’ programme

  • Are you a leading Spa Director, Spa Manager or experienced industry Trainer?
  • Would you like to ‘give back’ and help bring the #TrueBeauty of our industry to life?

Tpot are looking for exceptional individuals that would like to volunteer to attend our collaboratively crafted ‘train the trainer’ programme for FREE as part of our ‘Tpot funded give back appeal’.

How it works…
You give your time, passion and attention on one of our Tpot train the trainer 5 day volunteer programmes. We’ll equip you with the knowledge, skills and insights to share that learning to fellow industry professionals in our Tpot Funded regional and national ‘Treating clients with cancer workshops’.

As a TPOT accredited trainer all we ask in return is that you commit to delivering a minimum of 4 TPOT training workshop days per year to ensure, together, we are able to truly ’reach out’ and spread this learning to everyone, everywhere within the UK.

You can opt to cover regional training locations only or open yourself up to our National training options.

There is no commitment to complete more than one year training, but if you’d like to renew your volunteer contract each year and help us achieve our mission of eradicating the challenges of treating clients with cancers by the end of 2018, we’d love to keep you on the #TpotTrainingTeam!

This is a unique opportunity for you to really give back whilst gaining an incredible lifelong skill, knowledge and insight that can and will make a real difference to everyone it touches.

This is T.pot: The power of touch. This is the #TrueBeauty of our Industry.

Contact us today to register your interest in our first Tpot Train the Trainer Programme being held early January 2016.

Not ready to train but want to be part of the change. Make a PLEDGE today. Do it via the website here at OR via email at